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 Do I genuinely need BSN True Mass weight gainer to acquire lean muscle and gain some extra pounds?
Does BSN True Mass Weight Gainer truly worth giving a try to gain extra pounds?
What are the benefits of BSN True Mass Weight Gainer?
Can BSN True Mass Weight Gainer Make me acquire lean muscle fast?


These are probably some of the questions that will be popping up in your head concerning your weight gain and muscle mass quest.

If you are a bodybuilder or a skinny person who either want to add up some weight or gain healthy lean muscle, mass gainer supplements can do the magic.

There are lots of different brands of weight gainer in the market so picking the best could be a difficult task.

BSN True Mass Weight Gainer is the remedy for your challenges. This supplement is one of the best Weight Mass Gainer you can ever find in the marketplace today.

Let’s find out more about BSN True Mass Weight Gainer.

What Is BSN True Mass?

BSN True Mass Weight Gainer is a weight gain supplement that has the combination of high-quality carbs, protein, and fat.

BSN True Mass Weight Gainer also assist the body to consume calories every day. You can take it in shakes form, mixed with cold water or milk. Making it feel delicious and also deriving great nutrition from it.

BSN True Mass has five different sorts of protein varieties. This protein has digestion and absorption rate which varies, depending on the type they are.

It also keeps a steady supply of the muscle with high-quality protein and carb and also assists the blood tissue with an adequate supply of amino acid. It’s due to the process; it takes in digesting protein, carbs, and fats.


BSN True Mass Benefits

Firstly, one of the most important benefits of BSN True Mass Gainer is that it can make you consume loads of calories at a time when taking it. Therefore making you absorb a certain amount of calories that you could only get from eating a large food.

All you need do is to scoop some BSN True Mass into your shaker and mix it with some cold water. So, take replacement shakes rather than going through the stress of cooking in the kitchen for the same purpose. Replacement shakes will be giving your body the right nutrient it needs for fast recovery and muscle growth.

Above all, buying a weight gain supplement like BSN mass gainer can do wonders. If indeed you want to gain some healthy weight and lean muscle mass, BSN Mass Gainer is the answer to your quest.

BSN True Mass has a combination of 5 high-quality proteins and not just one or two. Its protein formula makes it stand out and more efficient in getting fast results.

Most noteworthy, no one wants an unexpected rush of amino acids ensued by a speedy decline that will make you hungry quickly.

So, proteinous food like Calcium Caseinate and egg albumen need to digest slowly and moderately to produce trickle result.

Furthermore, Casein is an exciting kind of protein because it creates a gel in the belly. Adequate flow of protein into the bloodstream is release for a more continuous supply of amino acid.

Also, a divine origin of extra calories is from a standard fat medium-chain-triglycerides.

The human body processes medium-chain-triglycerides efficiently, decrease body fat and also get rid of other saturated fat in the body. The creamer formula has improved taste and also pleasant texture in the mouth.


When and How To Take BSN True Mass For Maximum Effect

BSN True Mass manufacturers recommend that that user should mix three scoops of BSN with 16oz cold liquid(water).

The quantity of the cold liquid depends on your preference. Consume 2-4 portions daily or base on how much you need protein and calories in your body.

Furthermore, you can mix it with milk, instead of water, for you to acquire more protein and calories in your body.

Precaution For Supplements Users

It’s always advisable that you abide by the guidelines and instructions given by the manufacturers of the supplement you purchase.

Pregnant women, nursing mother and someone under the age of 18 should not use BSN True Mass.

You should also consult your doctor or physician if you have a history of a medical situation or currently on prescriptions before using BSN True Mass.


BSN True Mass Ingredients

BSN True Mass ingredients include the following:

1. Protein Matrix, containing:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate;
  • Calcium Caseinate;
  • Milk Protein Isolate;
  • Egg Albumen; and
  • Glutamine Peptides

2. Creamer, containing:

  • Sunflower-While;
  • Maltodextrin;
  • Sodium Caseinate;
  • Mono- & Di-Glycerides;
  • Tocopherols; and
  • Tri-Calcium Phosphate

3. Soy Lecithin

4. MCT Powder, containing:

  • Medium-Chain-Triglycerides;
  • Silica; and
  • Dextrin
  • Color (Curcumin)
  • Salt


5. Flavoring

6. Polydextrose

7. Thickeners, containing:

  • Cellulose-Gum;
  • Xanthan Gum;
  • Guar Gum; and
  • Acacia Gum


8. Sweeteners, containing:

  • Sucralose; and
  • Acesulfame K

9. Maltodextrin



Varieties of Available Flavour and Serving Sizes

It’s available in varieties of flavor, and it includes the following:

  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Banana Milkshake
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

Also has different sizes of packages that include 2.6kg.

BSN True Mass Quality

BSN True Mass is a high-quality and efficient weight gainer supplements that are available in a different flavor and it also digests quickly.

The quality of Weight gain Supplement like this is lower to food but can make you acquire more nutrients which you can only get from eating a large chunk of food.

If you want to gain weight fast and efficiently, BSN is the answer because it has done excellent work. So, we highly recommend BSN True Mass for weight gain as it will increase your protein and calories.

BSN True Mass Performance

Enhancement of calories level in your body is done conveniently by high-calorie supplements. BSN is one brand of weight gain supplement that lived up to its expectation by increasing energy level during a workout without overeating.

BSN True Mass also boost energy level in the body, making you perform excellently well while speeding up your body recovery time.

For you to acquire lots of calories and protein, all you need to do is to mix some scoop of BSN with cold water/milk. Hence, your body will be hundreds of calories ahead of having a meal.


BSN True Mass Composition/ Mixability / Taste

BSN True Mass’ Banana, cookies, and cream flavor are superb and also has a delicious taste.

The Creamer recipe makes the difference concerning the texture in the mouth and also assists to produce quality and sumptuous drink that’s compared to a decent milkshake.

BSN True Mass combines very readily with water or milk, which means you have no trouble shaking it up in one of your shakers.

Does It Worth The Price

It won’t be a good idea to recommend weight gain supplement in gel form unless you are having difficulties in your weight gain quest. Hence, organic food is better than supplements when you need quality nutrients, that’s the reason they are supplements.

No doubt, BSN is one of the best weight gain supplements you can find in the market. It worth investing on as it digests smoothly, has exceptional taste, excellent texture and also has a list of fabulous ingredients. It’s like adding another meal to your diet plan.



BSN True Mass is for beginner and intermediate bodybuilder who are having challenges in acquiring muscle mass and also professional bodybuilders. Hence, try to find out the effectiveness and how fast it can make you grow muscle.

Don’t over depend on nutritional supplements and food replacement shakes, so make sure your meal contains more of solid and organic food items.

Food containing fiber are essential to weight gain, so it should be part of your daily meal consumption. Even though you consume much serving of BNS, you still need to include fiber-rich-food into your diet plans. The fiber is either in psyllium husk fiber form or ground flax seeds form.

Furthermore, BSN True Mass is a fully rounded weight gainer that gives a comfortable and delicious taste, and also generates a notable number of quality and healthy calories.



It has an excellent taste and variety of flavor to choose.

Best protein/carb proportion that provides efficient and fast mass gain

Slow discharge of components allows for regular stock of weight producing nutrient.



Frequent bloating and also cramping adverse effect for some individuals. It goes away after some time, and you begin to feel normal.


What People Are Saying About BSN True Mass

Above all, the bodybuilders that use BSN True Mass continue to pour in their feedbacks while professional reviewer does the same about the brand.

It has won many awards and also seen as one of the best muscle growth supplements in the market. Most especially for people who need fast muscle mass.

BSN True Mass has over 350 reviews on Amazon alone, as at the time of writing this content. It’s holding its stands high in the marketplace with the rating of 4.5 out of 5.0-star.


BSN True Mass Final Judgement

If you’re one of those that need to gain muscle mass or gain weight fast, do not look further as BSN will make your dream come true. Its a well respected and essential supplement for healthy weight gain.

BSN has been playing a leading role in the weight gain supplement marketplace for some time now. Just like every other product from BSN are acceptable, so also True Mass by BSN is making a wave out there.

Finally, it worth giving BSN True Mass a try because it will make you achieve your dream of weight gain and also lean muscle mass.
It’s also a great supplement with a delicious taste that’ll give you excellent effects when you want to pack on fantastic weight.


Where To Purchase BNS True Mass Safely



TRUE-MASS, Chocolate Milkshake, 5.82 Pound
TRUE-MASS, Chocolate Milkshake, 5.82 Pound
List Price: $45.99
Price: $43.69
You Save: $2.30
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