Creatine Supplement: Creatine Benefits and When to Take Creatine



    When to take creatine supplements is an important question when you decide to include Creatine Supplement into your bodybuilding supplement routine.   


It is essential to know when to take creatine supplement, what to take with Creatine and kind of exercise to go along.

Knowing when to take creatine supplements is essential to its use, and you will find lots of theories to this effect.

What you need to understand firstly, is that creatine builds up in the body until it reaches a maximum amount, after which point it will flush out of your system.

You can reach that maximum degree immediately by loading, or even slowly. The choice is yours.


What Is Creatine?

Creatine is a naturally occurring molecule in the body positioned principally in skeletal muscle tissue.

The creatine found in human body contained in skeletal muscles. The liver must metabolize it first and then transport it to the tissues where it will perform its functions.

The end product of creatine is known as creatinine. Creatine continuously degraded to creatinine on a regular base.

The main difference between creatinine and creatine is the fact that creatinine is the end product of creatine that’s passed through the kidneys and excreted in urine.

In fact, the turnover rate of creatine to creatinine is around 2g/day in a 70 kg person. Creatine can be replaced in the body by employing endogenous synthesis and exogenous sources in the diet plan.

Foods that contain sufficient amounts of creatine include Red meat and fish (that explains precisely why many vegetarians have lower concentrations of creatine levels).


Creatine Benefits   


Below is some list of the health benefit of creatine in the human body:

Creatine Benefit #1. Enhance Speedy Recovery

The first benefits of nourishment which you will get when taking Creatine supplement are that your restoration period during a workout will speed up.

You’ll find some studies that have already demonstrated that Creatine supplement will hasten up the recovery time.

Consumption of creatine supplement is very beneficial to reducing muscle cell damage and the inflammation that exhaustive exercising can cause and also enhancing the speedy recovery after you have done some physical activities.

Creatine Benefit #2. Enhance High-Intensity Perform

Creatine supplement is beneficial to empowering your body to perform in high-intensity during a workout.

The use of creatine supplement will stimulate the production of muscular fibers which will make sure that your body is not going to have fatigue.

Creatine supplement fortifies the entire body and boosts the total vigor you need for your daily endeavors.

Creatine Benefit #3. Improves Anaerobic Activity

Another benefit you will derive from taking creatine supplement is that it enhances the anaerobic exercise you perform.

There was a research to ascertain if creatine supplements would be very beneficial to enhance muscle mass. The outcome shows that creatine boost energy in the human body during and after a vigorous exercise which in turn results in mass muscle gain.

Creatine Benefit #4. Increases the Volume of the Muscle

The fourth benefits you could get by taking creatine supplement is that it helps in muscle mass, no doubt.

This particular creatine benefit is for everyone who inspires to be a bodybuilder. Creatine supplement has the property that produces inflation in the muscle tissues.

Therefore, making the appearance of the muscle mass far more notable than before and this nourishment would be essential too for protein synthesis.

Creatine Benefit #5. Enhances Methylation

Another benefit which you would get by using creatine supplement is that it will continuously enhance the methylation in the human body.

You will find some information that creatine supplementation will be very beneficial to produce the highly efficient improvement through its process of methylation.

Creatine Benefit #6. Improve the Brain Function

The sixth benefit which you can get by having creatine supplement is that it improves and strengthens your general brain functioning.

Studies showed that creatine supplement is beneficial for the brain. Creatine Supplement can serve as an essential neuroprotectant, which is the agent that protects the wellness of your nerve cells from several environmental conditions.

Creatine Benefit #7. Improve Power and Strength

When you take creatine supplement, you are sure of experiencing an increase in strength and additionally vigor for your workout.

Creatine supplement produced from amino acids which can either be arginine or glycine acts as the vitality volume inside our body.

Creatine Benefit #8. Enhances Insulin Tolerance

Another benefit you will get whenever you’re consuming creatine supplement is that this supplement boosts the insulin tolerance, which protects the body from an ailment.

Studies carried out by a group of researcher shows that the insulin stands as the protector of the heart from cardiovascular disease and the general body.

Creatine supplement also raises strong glycogen material and enhance blood sugar tolerance.

Creatine Benefit #9. Increase Testosterone Hormone Levels

Whenever you are consuming creatine supplement, it will boost the testosterone level in your body.

Testosterone production decline when we get to the age of thirties. The human body at that age will also experience a decrease in energy production, strength and endurance including the mental sharpness.

Taking creatine supplement will help solve the problem of deterioration mentioned above as creatine supplement will affect your overall performance positively.

Creatine Benefit #10. Decrease Tiredness and Fatigue

Creatine supplement, fight against fatigue and tiredness. Creatine supplements will sure decrease fatigue and tiredness from your entire body, during and after exercising.

Researcher proves that creatine supplement prevents the body from experiencing pre-mature tiredness and fatigue by supplying the body system with necessary energy.

 Different Categories of Creatines

Sure you would want to know different categories of creatine supplement available having identified some of the benefits of taking creatine supplement. Below is the list of different varieties/kind of Creatine Supplement

Creatine Monohydrate:

The very first and also most often encountered kinds of creatine supplement is Creatine Monohydrate. This sort of creatine supplement has become the kind of nourishment for your clear intent.

This creatine supplement will pervade together with plain water, which provides 88 percent of creatine per molecule. In one other word, creatine monohydrate would supply approximately 40g of energetic product in the body.

Creatine Phosphate:

This kind of creatine supplement preserves and increase phosphocreatine’s store.

But if you believe that this nourishment would give you better benefits of Insulin than monohydrate, you are probably wrong because creatine phosphate merely has 62.3% pure Insulin in each molecule, that create the Insulin phosphate which is less efficient if you opposed using the creatine monohydrate.


Micronized Creatine:

This type of creatine supplement is similar to creatine monohydrate, but the principal difference between micronize creatine and creatine monohydrate is that micronize creatine has larger molecules compared to monohydrate creatine.

It concedes that the micronize nourishment do have benefits associated with your well-being.

This Creatine supplement lessens the unwanted bloating effects also allow it to be more quick to absorb and prevent any form of stomach discomfort.

Creatine Citrate:

This type of Creatine supplement is also a crucial kind of creatine that’ll bond with molecules that are special and also increase the absorption rate.

However, such a Creatine supplement would just have four hundred milligrams of active nourishment per gram. tt could also be more expensive but worth its money in the long run.

Creatine Ethyl Ester:

Creatine Ethyl Ester is a kind of creatine supplement that is touted as the future type of creatine supplementation because this nourishment possesses the absorption speed-up to ten times more than other creatine supplements because of its solubility.

Krealkalyn Creatine:

This kind of creatine supplement proved as the type that has the fastest absorption levels of all types of creatine supplement because krealkalyn is a sort of Insulin that process in higher pH rates compared to others like creatine monohydrate.

Creatine Serum :

This is one of those types of Creatine supplement that has serum nourishment, but it has proof that serum doesn’t give much benefit in the body because it gets unstable from a liquid.

Different forms of Creatine supplement


The most popular and most affordable form of creatine supplement is the powder form of creatine supplement. best to mix with water or juice to make a drink or shake.

There are drawbacks with absorption rates.Because the solution passes through the stomach, the acids begin to eat up the creatine until it has had the opportunity to reach the muscles – as far as 50% can drop.


2. Serum form:

Features more efficient transportation of the creatine and so less creatine get lost in digestion and more absorbed in the muscles. Also, gives the benefit of having to take less and being in a position to go closer to your workout intervals.

The disadvantage of the liquid form is that this form of Creatine supplement has to stabilize or it will start to break down into creatinine after approximately twenty minutes.



3. Pills FORM:

This function in the same way as the powder supplement but usually do not call for mixing. The most obvious disadvantage with this particular form may be the inability to choose a pure dose.


Just like powder with the advantage of larger absorption rates. It has the associated dosage issues as creatine pills. Note, When taking Creatine supplement in powder form, it remains in the blood flow for about 1-1.5 hours. Creatine has to absorb into the muscles to stimulate growth.

If you deplete the distribution of creatine in the muscles when working out and there’s creatine available in the bloodstream, the muscles will replenish their supply by the source.

The creatine source in the muscles is not limitless. On average we have between 3.5 – 4g of creatine for every kilo of muscle building. Studies show that people can save 5g hence taking creatine supplement will boost your energy levels.

Creatine Loading Phase

Manufacturers of Creatine supplement frequently recommend a loading period.

This rapid loading protocol consists of a daily dosage of 20g for initial five days, combined with meals or snack containing a substantial amount of carbohydrates (50-100g) in 4 doses of vitamin 5g per day.

A body weight gain of 0.6-1kg a week can be expected using this method. Following Creatine loading phase, prescription of a maintenance dose of 3g/day. This Creatine loading period would aim to saturate the muscles.

A maintenance period then sustains that amount and replaces daily degradation. Many health practitioners recommend that this maintenance period should last longer than one month.

There have been several studies on the long-term effects of the continued usage of Creatine supplement. And there are also no noted benefits of creatine in consumption beyond this.

Physical training can help to control any form of weight and muscle gain. Studies have been initiated to determine whether this loading phase is required or not.

It shows that increased gains come within the first couple of months. But after a month each group are going to be at an equal point. Loading will allow an individual to accomplish that level.

Strength Vs Endurance

The effects of Creatine supplement on performance are far less apparent in endurance training. The task is reliant on the phosphocreatine energy system.

It’s a potential answer for lactic acid build up is one apparent advantage for endurance training.

However, any gain in body mass could be disadvantageous as energy is required to maneuver a thicker body from point A-B over more extended periods of time.

Needs to be weighed up against the potential advantage of increased maximal power/lean body mass gained via creatine supplementation alongside resistance training.

Taking the Creatine supplement with carbohydrate helps your body to assimilate Creatine more easily. The related increase in insulin helps to transport the creatine into the muscle cells, leading to improved glycogen storage in the muscles.

The specific timing of when to take Creatine supplement is not quite as crucial for endurance training. It’s going to soon be efficient provided there is just a sufficient supply readily available to the muscles.

There is also Creatine supplement for women which is perfectly safe for them. Although one of the side effects is increased in drinking water retention and bloating. But not recommended for a nursing mother and pregnant women.

You’ll find creatine supplement on the market that includes additional substances intended to relieve these symptoms. Avoiding the loading phase will additionally help to dissipate this.

When to take Creatine

When to take creatine is an important question when you decide to use it has a bodybuilding supplement. It is much more important to know very well what to take along with it. 

Creatine supplement is going to have the most impact on the muscle and since most people know that the muscle fibers are the ones that are the protagonists right here.

These are the fibers which are going to absorb the creatine. They are capable of absorbing more creatine while the textures can.

Exactly what can we take in to increase the creatine in the fibers? Should we receive, the adrenaline and also do some workouts. These are typically going to help enormously.

But far more importantly should we take some insulin-producing resources in the sort of dextrose (typically a dose of 75gr is fine) together with carbohydrates (high glycemic index ones) and protein, then that will increase the benefits of creatine and also this should be taken immediately after workout.

Some Creatine supplement producers will acquaint you on when to take creatine and there’s is some difference of opinion here. Most experts now agree that the timing is AFTER the workout. The reason is that the muscle is in its article work out.

There are additional reasons to support this such that creatine is stored in the muscles until needed. If you stock up before the workout, your muscles will become saturated. This will make creatine taken off from your muscles.

Taking Creatine supplement after a workout will replenish the creatine so that the muscles stocked up more creatine again.

Even if you do not work out every day, you shouldn’t be bothered about when to take creatine. Think about how to create enough creatine in your muscles, and how you want to reach maximum saturation point.

That’s when your muscles will do better and you will begin to see results at a much more significant rate.

The best time to take creatine supplement is on your breakfast time. The reason is that it’s the time the muscles need greater nutrition.


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