Universal Real Gains Review: Protein Shake For Quick Muscle Gains


Universal Real Gains for for lean muscle mass

Real Gains by Universal Nutrition








It’s evident that protein supplement is becoming more popular in recent time. The popularity has also made varieties of the brand surface in the market.

Hence, the consumer has different brands to choose. Selecting the best from the range of supplements in the market could also be challenging due to fake and counterfeit ones.

Universal Real Gains is the best weight gain powder supplement that you can find on the market today. Many review websites have featured this excellent brand and got lots of feedbacks.

What is Universal Real Gains By Universal Nutrition  


Universal Real Gains by Universal Nutrition is a renowned protein powder supplement for rapid weight gain. Universal Real Gains is of high-quality ingredients that provide the body with calories needed for weight gain. Carbohydrates are also part of the component, which is responsible for increasing energy level.

If you are having challenges gaining weight, weight gain supplements like Real Gain could be the answer to your quest. Real Gains will provide you with loads of calories when taking and also delicious to consume.

Universal Real Gains has what your body needs for fast weight gain which includes protein, carbs, fiber, and fat. It also has excellent taste and lesser sugar. Therefore, if you want to gain lean muscle fast, Real Gains is the supplements for you.

Every nutrient that your body needs for muscle growth is in it. Every scoop of Universal Real Gains contains an enormous amount of protein and carbs sources for muscle increase and also enhancing energy. Carbs are responsible for boosting energy level which makes one train extensively during a workout routine.

Certainly, Universal Real Gains is the best Micellar Casein and Whey protein you can find on the market and also contains an adequate amount of Amino Acid. You don’t need a blender to mix Real Gains protein powder, as it dissolves quickly in water/milk.

For you to get a good result from the usage of Universal Real Gains, you need to combine it with a balanced diet meal and extensive workout training. As a result of this, you will acquire lean muscle and also gain weight.


Ingredients In Universal Real Gains

Universal Nutrition produced Real Gains with some exquisite ingredient that enhance muscle growth. These elements make it stands out among its competitors.

Universal Real Gains contains varieties of ingredients that make one acquire muscle mass quickly. They include the following:


Real Gains Protein Complex, containing:
Ultra Filtrated Whey Concentrate;
Micellar Casein; and
Whey Protein Isolate
Dutch Processed Cocoa
Calcium Caseinate
Natural and Artificial Flavors
Soy Lecithin
Sodium Chloride
Flaxseed Powder
Acesulfame K


Universal Real Gains Benefits

Universal Real Gains is beneficial to the body in a quest for muscle mass in some ways which we will point out.

Firstly, Universal Real Gains will make you consume a healthy amount of calories in every serving of its mixed shakes quickly. You can only derive a massive amount of calories by eating lots of food, but you are sure of getting the same amount from a serving of Real Gains.

You need to eat loads of food to get an adequate amount of calories you need for muscle mass. But with a serving of Universal Real Gains, you get the same amount or even more.

Therefore, Universal Real Gains will make you attain the required amount of calories your body needs daily.

Real Gain also has distinct blends of whey protein that goes into the bloodstream and digest quickly. This process drives to decrease in blood amino acid level.

Furthermore, Universal Real Gains also contains flaxseed, which provides the body with the little amount of fiber it needs. Fibre is responsible for supporting the digestive system and also enhance the fatty acid in the body.


Universal Real Gains Quality

Apparently, Universal Real Gains is one of the best weight gain supplements one can find on the market today. Because the Universal Nutrition, the manufacturer of this remarkable supplement are also one of the best bodybuilding supplement industry.

Universal Real Gains mixes smoothly, has great taste, fast digestion rate and also has a combination of quality ingredients. It performs wonderfully well in supporting the body to gain lean muscle fast.

Lots of recommendations are pouring in from users of this excellent weight gain supplement. We recommend it to you too, if indeed you want to gain some extra pounds.


Universal Real Gains Efficiency

For you to consume the number of calories you need for your daily routine, just mix few scoop of Universal Real Gains with cold water or milk and shake. Hence, you will be taking lots of calories in liquid kind and also in a delicious way.

Same amount of calories that you can get from eating loads of meal (chicken, beef, eggs, fiber, carbs, etc.) Universal Real Gains are very efficient for those that are having difficulties in eating loads of food daily.

It can also increase the calories level in such people and boost their energy for their daily workout training. It’s sure that Real Gains is very efficient and convenient for anyone who wants to gain weight and acquire lean muscle fast.

Furthermore, Universal Real Gains delivers every nutrient its deems. Hence, this makes it a reliable weight gain supplements.


Universal Real Gains Composition, Mixability, And Taste 

Universal Real Gains comes in “4” different flavor, namely, Vanilla, strawberry, banana and chocolate flavor.

Despite the thick texture of Universal Real Gains’ paste, it mixes perfectly in liquid with little just little of granularity at the end of drinking it. Hence, you can decide to combine Real Gains with other ingredients like banana or organic peanut butter.

Universal Real Gains doesn’t have the same mixing rate with whey protein, but it mixes better than those of their competitors. You can choose to either use a shaker or blender in the preparation process.

Note, when you prepare it with a shaker, it might have some clumping. To avoid this, shake vigorously for about 15secs for it to mix very well.

To avoid the issue of clumping, its advice to use a blender as it will mix it up perfectly well and also add creaminess to it.

Furthermore, using a blender to mix Real Gains also enhance the texture and makes it taste better. Likely experience minimal formin during both methods of combining it.


Does Universal Nutrition Real Gains Worth The Price?

Before we talk about the worth of this product, we need to understand the fact that there’s no replacement for real food.

Hence, make sure that most of the calories you consume comes from organic food sources. So, don’t rely solely on weight gainers like Real Gains. Eggs and meat have high-quality protein which can be very beneficial to your weight gain quest.

You need to consume more of vegetable too and also carbs for an energy boost during a workout training.

Therefore, try to keep to the above tips and also add up more calories by taking weight gain supplements like Real Gains. Its also recommended for those that find it difficult consuming loads of proteinous food.

Does Real Gains Worth The Price?
Real gains is available in 2 different sizes and prices. They are as follows
3.09kg = $79.70
1.07kg = $49.95

You can get 21 serving from the 3.09k if you keep the recommended serving of 155g while the 1.07kg will give 11 serving of 155g as suggested by the manufacturer.

The larger size is considered more cost-effective. Its calculated at 3.79 for every each serving, which seems better than other weight gainers on the marketplace.

It might look a bit expensive but consider every nutrient you get, its worth every cent. Hence, you will high-quality nutrients by taking few mixed scoops of Real Gains.


Any Form Of Precaution For Real Gains Consumption?   

Firstly, it’s essential to adhere to the usage prescription of every supplement we decide to go with. And also remember to keep a record of your daily training routine and progress.

Secondly, pregnant women, nursing mother and anyone under the age of 18yrs should avoid taking Universal Real Gains or any other supplements. If they must take any, they should consult their physicians.

Thirdly, you are advised to take 1-2 serving 2-3 time a day due to the potency of its concentration level.

Lastly, if you have any history of medical challenges, kindly consult with your medical doctor or physician before taking any supplements.


Importance Of Protein

Protein is an excellent nutrient for the human body and also an important element to the well being of the human body.

Protein plays a vital role in weight gain, so therefore, a complete protein is more useful for the body than incomplete ones. Furthermore, a full protein has a higher quality of sources than a deficient protein.

Protein is also responsible for the adequate supply of amino acids to the human body for its best functioning and muscle growth.

Consumption of adequate protein daily will enhance muscle growth by supplying the body with the kind of nutrients it needs for healthy growth.

If you seek rapid weight gain, then consume more protein, carbs, and vitamins. Most noteworthy, every nutrient that is responsible for weight gain and muscle mass is in Universal Real Gains.


Real Gains by Universal Nutrition is an excellent product as far as weight gain supplements are a concern. The taste is superb and far better than its competitors.

Though, the mixability has little hiccup but mixes better than most of its competitor product. For better mixing, use a blender, and you can also decide to combine it with other ingredients like fruits.

Universal Real Gains doesn’t only provide the body with calories but its also made with a high-quality ingredient that is essential for healthy weight gain.

Note, weight gain supplement won’t perform magic in making you gain weight or acquire muscle mass. You need to combine it with a balanced diet meal and also a workout training for you to get result fast and efficiently.

Universal Real Gains digestion process is superb. Flaxseed powder in it enhance rapid, and ease digestion compares to their competitor’s product with unease digestion process.

You are advised to get more of the calories you need from a meal and add 2-3 serving Universal Real Gains per day for extra calories. Consequently, you will start to experience weight gain with few weeks.


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